If you would like to purchase an
existing painting from this site, there
2 options:

Option 1: Standard Print from the original painting  - Laser copies on matte paper.
50 dollars for a large print (average 24 x 36 inches)
40 Dollars for a small print (any size you would prefer)

Option 2: Hand painted duplicate  - re-painting of the original work (not an exact
replica, but an extremely close, original, and signed piece of work. Many people can
not tell the difference between my originals and my duplicates).
For a custom order
1. you can use my existing paintings (ex: size and media of the painting) for general
s as an estimation of what your painting would cost.
At this time we do not have prices of the existing paintings as this website is still
under construction.

2. When you are ready to order, call me and we can discuss in more detail your
future painting.
At this time I am only excepting cash or
money orders.

Payment due upon completion.

Upon completion,I will send you a jpeg photo of your completed work as a proof. If you
are satisfied with the work, simply mail me the payment, then I will mail your new
painting. Of course if you are
not satisfied with your painting, you are not obligated to
buy it.
But please keep in mind that any photo of a painting is limited in it's details and
color. Photos (as proofs) are never as good as viewing the actual painting.

Shipping is an extra cost, but allows you do decide which shipping method you would
prefer. Just let me know what kind of shipping you would prefer and I will send it
accordingly (i.e. first class, overnight, etc). I do however strongly recommend that you
have your package insured.